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Library Regulations

1.      Opening Hours

School Day (Monday - Friday)
  Reading Room Library
  Winter School   7:30 am V 5:00 pm 9:00 am V 5:00 pm
  Summer School    7:30 am V 4:00 pm 8:00 am V 4:00 pm

2.      Circulation Regulations

a.      Student Card

All students may borrow library materials with their student cards. Student cards are not transferable for any reason. Loss of student card should be reported to the school office.

b.      Loan Policy

The loan limit for S1-S5 students is 5 books while S6-S7 students may borrow 7 books at one time. All student librarians of the current academic year are entitled to one extra loan in their quota.

Borrower Loan Limit (Books) AV Items
S1-S6 5 5
Teachers 10 10
Janitor Staffs 4 4

c.       Loan Limit

Ordinary books are for 2-week loan. S4-6 reference books, SBA books, past CE/AL examination papers, audio-visual materials and magazines are for 1-week loan. Current issues of all magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias and specified reference books are not for loan. They are to be read in the library only.

  Books CD/Tapes S6-7 Books/
Religious Files/
Old Magazines
Reference Books/
Careers Section Books
Old Newspaper
School Magazines
S1-S6 2 weeks 7 days Not for loan Not for loan
Teachers 2 weeks 7 days 1 week Not for loan
Janitor Staffs 2 weeks 7 days 1 week Not for loan

d.      Loss or Damage

Borrowers should be held responsible for any loss, damage or disfigurement by writing or making any marks on the borrowed items and shall be required to pay the full cost of replacing such items. Loss of materials should be reported immediately and will be charged for replacement.

e.       Overdue

Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. All overdue items are fined at $ 1.00 per item per library opening day.

f.        Reservation

An online free-of-charge book reservation service is provided through the library homepage ( S1-6 students may reserve a maximum of five items of library materials. Any cancellation of the reserved items should be made at the library in person.

g.      Renewal

Each loan item may be renewed for up to three consecutive times, provided that they are not already reserved, or overdue. Renewal can be made in person or through the library homepage ( Since the loan item may have been reserved by another reader or cannot be renewed for other reasons, renewal through the Internet should be made at least one working day before the due date in order to allow sufficient time for returning the loan item in case renewal is denied. All loan items, which cannot be renewed, should be returned to the school library by the due date. Borrowers must pay the fine for all overdue loan items.

h. Online Public Access Catalogue
Teachers and students may search library, TRC and SAC materials through the library homepage.

3.      Library Conduct

a.       To maintain a quiet study atmosphere, silence must be observed in the Main Library and the Reading Room at all times.

b.       Food and drinks are not allowed.

c.       No bags or cases are permitted in the Main Library.

d.       No games of any form are allowed.

e.       All library materials and personal property must be shown to the librarian on duty at the exit before leaving.

f.        All library users when making copies of library materials should strictly observe copyright laws.

g.       Do not leave any library books on tables. They should be placed in the book trolley after reading/using.

h.       Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The library cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

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Miss Tsang May Ha, Cindy (Librarian)


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